Maakum is green

Green? Of course! Just because it is better and because it is possible. All our servers run in a climate-neutral data center. As a Maakum user, you are thereby automatically doing good, because you are the owner of a green hosted site.


Maakum has placed its servers at EvoSwitch, one of the first climate-neutral data centers in the Netherlands. In 2008 Evoswitch managed to achieve energy savings forty percent higher than that of a traditional data center. Maakum now carries the label 'The Green Fan' EvoSwitch on, a label that allows companies to show that they play an active and positive contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.



The Green Web Foundation

Maakum has also joined The Green Web Foundation (fka Cleanbits).

Show the world you're green! If you have a Maakum website, you can do the 'green check' at the link below.
With one click you can have the The Green Web Foundation logo on your Maakum website.

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Hier (Here)

The HIER-coalition allowed Maakum to carry the HIER-logo. HIER is a collaboration of forty civil society organizations, and their projects, that are concerned about climate change and strive for a better environment.


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