Add-on modules for your website

For a small fee you can add the following modules to your website.

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You can order additional modules via the login section of your website. The modules will then be installed immediately.

New: Portfolio module

Show your work in a special way with this beautiful portfolio module. You can organize your visuals in different categories, so that your future customers can admire your work at a glance. If your client clicks on a photo, you can show it in an enlarged way, a la Album Pro style, or link to another page with even more information about the work in question.

Look here for an example: website portfolio.

You can easily order the module via "Order modules" in the management section of your website. The module is then automatically added to your website.

Appointment module


Let your customers easily book an appointment with you or one of your employees. You can add various services linked to price and duration of the appointment, and linked to your agenda or that of an employee.

You have full control over the agendas, the customer has full control over his appointment.
You can order the module via "Order Modules" in the management section of your website. The module is then automatically added to your website.



Maakum mobile website

Mobiele website maken

Maakum websites are already responsive, but if you need a seperate mobile website, then this is the module for you. With Maakum mobile you effortlessly build your mobile site. A site that looks the way you want and is easy to manage. But also a site which is fast and usable for your (mobile) visitors.

Is it really that easy? Yes.

SEO module and Search engine Friendly URLs

furls - friendly urlsSearch engines love clarity. In addition to good content on your website a definite URL is also very important and can lead to a higher placement in the search results of Google. With this extension to the standard package you can easily edit the URL of your pages, page-title and description and optimize the meta tags for all search engines.

This module costs only € 34.00 per year.

Online payment module

Payment module iconYou want to sell some items through your website but you don’t want to buy a whole web shop? We understand, and so we created this online payment module for you. It’s easy to use. You offer a product or service through a simple interface, the customer places an order and pays for it immediately, online.

The module costs € 69.00 per year

Bloggum - blog module

furls - friendly urls Would you like to keep a diary on your website or share your stories with others? Then Bloggum is for you!

Bloggum is the new blog module from Maakum.
With Bloggum your visitors can comment on the articles you post. One can also forward your articles or place them on several social media websites.

For an example of the module see

The blog module costs € 45.00 per year. You can order it in "order modules" when you're logged in to your website.

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Scheduler module (Planner)


Letting your holiday home?

The Scheduler module allows you to show your visitors a clear calendar showing the availability of your property. The module also contains a booking form to easily make a reservation.

The planner can be ordered as an additional module to your Maakum website. The module costs € 62.00 per year.

Media library


You want to exchange files with vistors of your website? That’s easy with the Maakum Media Library. You can transfer files in various formats (.doc, pdf, images, audio, video) in a ‘library’ on your website. Visitors can access the files via a link and download them. You can protect your library with a password.

The library can be ordered as an additional module to your Maakum website. The module costs € 69.00 a year.

Shoppum web shop

Shoppum, de winkel module

With the Shoppum web shop module, you can start your own online shop! With this module you can easily sell your products and/or services. The customer places the desired products in a shopping cart and pays by bank transfer, cash on delivery, online with credit card or iDEAL!

For businesses, we have Shoppum Pro shop module. Shoppum Pro offers even more; For example, it is expandable with multiple languages and multiple options per product, for example sizes or color.

Both online shops can be extensively yet simply managed, totally Maakum style!


Now included in Maakum easy and Maakum business!

Banner module

Banner module

With Banner module you can place banners on your website. With a banner we mean an image with a link to another website. For example, you can place banners from relevant partner sites. The Banner module allows you to place a total of five banners in the left column of your Maakum website.

The Banner module can be ordered as an additional module to your Maakum website. You can get it for € 41.00 a year!

Album Pro

Album Pro

The Album Pro module will present your photos in high quality and full screen. You will be able to upload multiple photos at the same time, set the size, turn the copy protection on or off and change the colors of Album Pro. This module replaces the ‘normal’ album.

This module can be ordered (€ 69.00 per year) at "Order Modules" when you are logged into your website.

Document upload module

Documenten Upload module

With the new Document upload module you can easily place all kinds of documents (Word, PDF, Excel, etc) on your site.
You can order this module for € 45,00 per year.

Mailing module

Mailing module

Create and send mailings straight from your website. Visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe to the mailing list, which is incredibly easy for you to administrate.
You can order this module for € 75,00 per year.

Simple Members login

Eenvoudige Leden Login module

Do you have information on your site that you do not want to share with just everyone? Our members login module is the solution.
For each page and/or paragraph you can adjust the settings and share the information with the world or just with your website members.
You can order this module for € 34,00 per year.

Advanced members login

Uitgebreide Leden login module

With the Advanced Member Login module visitors can register as a member (with a personal password), after which they can access the protected part of your website. You, as administrator, decide if registered visitor may or may not get access to the members area, ofcourse.

In combination with the Mailing module you can also send your members a mailing.

The Advanced Member Login module can be ordered (€ 45.00 per year) at "order modules" when you are logged into your website.

E-mail form

E-mail Formulier
Create your own information form, with questions, drop downs, checkboxes, etc. It's easy, you can make the form as elaborate or as simple as you want.

This module can be ordered (€ 34.00 per year) at "Order modules" when you are logged into your website.

Forum module

Forum module

Start discussions on your website!  With the Forum module you create your own online community.

You decide on the main topics, your visitors can then post and respond to existing posts in those topics.

The Forum module can be ordered (€ 34.00 per year) at "Order modules" when you are logged into your website.

Multimedia module

Multimedia module

Make your site even more interactive! Now it is possible, besides the standard included YouTube and Vimeo videos, to place your own audio and movies on your Maakum website.
You can order this module for € 69,00 per year.

Twitter module


Are you a Twitter user and do you want the twitter feeds (tweets) from your Twitter account shown on your website? It's possible with the Twitter module and costs only € 16.00 a year.

Maakum Free Only!

With the free version of Maakum you can order e-mail and the news module as an additional module in addition to all the above modules.



You get access to three e-mail addresses and unlimited aliases (forwarding addresses).
Beware: You will first need a domain name!
The e-mail module costs € 59.00 per year.


News module

On this news page, you can post news items associated with a publication date. When this date expires, the article will be automatically moved to your news archive.

The news module costs only € 18.00 per year.